Selasa, 13 Oktober 2015


     Hello Guys, my full name is Rezky Adisatrio. But usually, my friends call me Rezky or Eky. I was Born on November 10th, 2000 in Jakarta. Now, I live in Bandung. Now, I was studying at 3 Senior High School, at Belitung Street 8, Sumur Bandung, Bandung. I want to continue study to Padjajaran University ( Unpad ) in Jatinangor, because I want to be a Doctor. Actually, I want to be Pediatrician.
     I was studying at some school. I was studying at Aisyah Kindergarten, Muhammadiyah 7 Elementary School and 5 Junior High School. My Junior High School national exam mark was 384,5. My mathematics mark was 97,50, my science mark was 95, my  english mark was 92, and the last one ( Indonesian ) was 100.
     My Hobbies are swimming, cycling, and reading comic. I really love comic. I have a lot of comics in my room. I have some comic title like Dragon Ball, Captain Tsubasa, Detective Conan, Kungfu Boy, Naruto and other comic titles. But actually, I prefer comics Detective Conan and Naruto. Until now, I already have 85 book of Detective Conan Comics ( It's from Volume 1 until Volume 85 ), And 10 Detective Conan The Movie Comics. But, I have Detective Conan Film too, I have 10 DVDs of it. And I already have 70 book of Naruto Comics. I have 3 film of it.

     Well, I really love in Comic.Exactly, I really love Naruto and Detective Conan comics. I always watch their film on my Television. In Naruto, I love Uchiha Sasuke because he is  really cool. but in Detective Conan, I love Kaito Kid or Kid The Phantom Thief. Yes, Kid The Phantom Thief is the same person with Kaito Kid. So, as the name implies, Kaito Kid is a Thief. He always use full white dress. Both of them are really cool.

     My Father was a BUMN employee. But now, he's already superannuation. My mother is a housewife. She used to work in a company, but she retired because prefer to take care her children.

     I have 2 old brothers and 1 old sister. I am the youngest here. My oldest brother work at BPN ( Badan Pertanahan Nasional ) in Palembang. He has been working there since 2 years ago. His last study was at ITB ( Institut Teknologi Bandung ). My Oldest Sister is a dentist. now, she still coas. Now, she work at Pasteur, Bandung. Her last study is Maranatha. And My Older brother has nearest age with me, we just have different age 2 years old. He is studying in the same school as me, 3 Senior High School.

     Well, that's all for now, thank you for coming.